A Tribute That Lasts Forever.


Horizontal Upright Monuments come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes.  The horizontal tablet is wider than it is high and is usually set on a base.  Horizontal tablets may also be random or heart shaped with one or more vases.

Horizontall monument

Heart shaped monument

Random shaped upright

Vertical Upright Monuments are single upright monuments for one person.  Vertical uprights are also used as a double monument on a single space when two people are sharing one grave space and being cremated. 

Random Shape Upright

Single Upright Serpentine Top

Heart shaped Single Upright

Double Vertical Upright

Double Vertical Upright

Vertical Heart Shaped Upright

Slant Monuments are midway in height between the lower bevel markers and the larger upright monuments.  They offer sufficient space for highly creative personalized designs, and can be engraved on the back of the slant.  Slants can be set with or without a granite base.  A granite base is a good idea if you want vases so the lawn mowers do not hit the vases.

Double Slant on Granite Base

Double Slant without a base

Single Slant on a Granite Base

Single Slant without a base

Bevel markers are low, but don’t lay flat and come in double or single sizes that can be personalized with symbols or inscriptions.


Single Bevel Marker

Double Bevel Marker

Grassline markers lie flat to the ground.  Their small size naturally restricts the decoration, although a talented memorial designer can personalize even a flat marker.


Double Grassline Marker

Single Grassline marker


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